The spells to cause miscarriages does not only mean to abort the baby, but a lot of such spells are used to speed up the delivery, for removing the obstacles of pregnancy and some spells are used to soothe the women who have suffered the miscarriage or has a post-pregnancy pain or stress.

Jizo’s Spell for Solace

“All rivers find their way to the sea.”

This ritual or spell came from the ancient Japanese spiritual traditions. The legend about this ritual is that “All the rivers end in one place called the River of Souls,” also known as the ‘Home of Jizo’.

According to the Japanese mythology, Jizo is the Protector of the souls of the children lost due to stillbirths or miscarriages. Jizo is also a psychopomp, a spirit who guides and therefore it not only guides the soul of lost children but also solace the mother of the children lost in a stillbirth or black magic spells for miscarriage.

The ritual is very simple, easy as well as it does not harm any other person. It only requires you to write the name of the child lost due to the miscarriage on a paper slip. And then set the paper in the river and make a prayer to Jizo to protect and guide the souls of babies.

Post-Miscarriage Cleansing Spell

Another spell out of the spells to cause miscarriage is used to comfort and solace the mother. This spell heals the mother who suffered the miscarriage spiritually and relieves her grief and sorrow. This spell includes a bath.

The woman who has suffered from such trauma must take a bath using a baking soda so that it can heal her spiritually. To make the bath effective the woman must moisten the baking soda with Notre Dame Water and keep using it until the grieve faded.

More Information

In addition to the above spiritual healing magic spells, there are other spells too which cause the physical healing after the miscarriage caused by the curse stop pregnancy spell. These spell rituals solace the grieving mother physically and take away all the pain and all the negative radiations caused by the curse.

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