2009-10 Childvision World of Hope Gala Beneficiary


Childvision CEO / FTIA Executive Director Keith Wallace, 2009-10 Childvision Board President Lenore Schmitz, and 2009-10 Childvision Gala Committee member Heidi Nightingale, traveled to Ethiopia, personally visiting the city of Awassa in the southern region of the country. After our preliminary research and Keith, Lenore, and Heidi’s on-site experience, we are truly enthused to have found an area that is in dire need for help.

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Casa Guatemala

2008 Childvision World of Hope Gala Beneficiary


Casa Guatemala, located on the Rio Dulce in eastern Guatemala, is a home and village that provides nurturing, health, education, and skills training for over 250 orphaned, abandoned, and abused children. Approximately 50% of the children served are orphans. Casa Guatemala provides education through 6th grade, and, as funds are available, further education for those children who wish to continue. Casa Guatemala also operates enterprises such as farming, raising animals, and a hotel that generate income for their village and provide job skills training for the older children. This inspiring organization receives no government support, thus is solely dependent upon generous donors around the world. To date, Childvision raised over $95,000 for Casa Guatemala.
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Kids First Vietnam

2007 Childvision World of Hope Gala Beneficiary


UPDATE:  With the help of funds raise by the 2007 Childvision World of Hope Gala, Kids First Vietnam completed its village. The village provides for older children who are very poor and/or in orphanages to the village. The children will live for a period of time at the village, receive any kind of medical attention/rehabilitation they may need to improve their health, and enroll in an educational/career training program at the village that will teach them applicable, marketable job skills that will enable them to be self-supporting when they must leave the orphanage. Kids First Vietnam will provide education and job training in many areas, including English language training, mechanical trades, computer operation and repair, culinary arts, carpentry and woodworking, business management, agriculture, and other trades. To date, Childvision has contributed over $100,000 to Kids First Vietnam.
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